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Dev Diary #7


Sorry I've been away for so long! Internet troubles and warm days make for a cybi that spends half of her days napping...

Environment Layout

Thought I'd spend this dev diary going through some of the areas in the game that you'll explore: first up is the first floor! As always, a lot of the visuals here are placeholders and these areas can change at any time.



The foyer is where you'll start your adventure. A grand hall that splits off into many other rooms, such as the library, dining room, and supply closet.



The library can be found just off to the left of the foyer entrance. In here you'll find lots of bookcases to interact with (and who knows, maybe you'll learn something new?)

Heritage Room:

Heritage Room.

The heritage room can be found opposite the library - and serves almost the same function. Here you'll find more shelves adorned with books, and a puzzle section in the middle of the room (which was teased last week (¬‿¬ )).

Dining Hall:

Dining Hall.

The dining hall is one of the first places you'll unlock after exploring the foyer section. Here you'll find a vast room filled with dining tables, discarded foods, and maybe an enemy or two. Connected to this room is the kitchen that you'll definitely want to explore for items and lore.



After the dining hall is the hallway connecting you to all of the student bedrooms. It also leads to the next floor, and the student bathrooms.

Save Room:

Save Room.

Last but not least, the save room. One of the student's bedrooms will contain a save spot and a storage container where you can collect your thoughts and sort out your inventory. Don't worry, no enemies can get you here!

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of the first floor! Maybe next week we'll get to see the second floor too ┐(︶▽︶)┌



  • Started creating the layout of the games second phase
  • Menus in progress (main menu, introduction screen etc)
  • Audio & SFX additions
  • To Do:

  • Continue on menus (pause screen, settings etc)
  • Run game from start to finish - making sure all puzzles and events sync up correctly

Oh! I've also added a guestbook to my page if you'd like to share your thoughts - the link can be found at the side of the page, or just click here!

See you soon!


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