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Dev Diary #4


Week four („• ᴗ •„)

I've recovered! Time to get back into it ~

Introducing the first bosses:


Having a boss themed around twins and duality has been on my mind for a while, especially considering how different the combat would be. This boss will have slow movement, but will deal great damage if you aren't careful. The twins will also react if the other one is hit or killed - resulting in more erratic behaviour.


As you can see above, in-game the models are connected via some (very placeholder looking) strings, maybe you could interact with these to hinder them? (¬‿¬)

Original concept notes.



  • Twin boss creation
  • To Do:

  • Polish up twin movement & combat animations

See you next week!


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Dev Diary #3


Week three ~

Gonna be a small one this week, I've not been able to work on the project as much as I would've liked (toothache really is mean ╥﹏╥)

Here's some small introductory text to help further explain this project:



More progress on gameplay/mechanics this week! Mostly been placing key items and health pickups about, along with some combat tinkering.

An example of an item pickup interaction.

In your inventory, you may be able to combine picked up items with each other. Doing this with key items could produce some interesting results - so be sure to play around with this!

As is always the case in survival horror games - health pickups have now been added!

Some health items! (I've decided to go for some more stereotypical student foodstuffs)

These can be found around the environment, then consumed via the inventory menu.

Notes, notes, notes!

See you next week!


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